Free online property research resources

Sophisticated property investors and developers know where and when to invest their funds better than the rest of us. Although it is difficult for anyone to predict the future of any investment market with any certainty, the pro’s have some great resources at their finger tips and some trained professionals interpreting the data and then putting it to use for the purposes of profiting from a venture. This month we share some online resources and reports widely used by the expert economist, financial journalists and investment companies and professionals that help them stay on top of the latest economic happenings in Australia.

Westpac property reports

This site is useful for:

-Annual report on the 3 year outlook for Australian property markets

-Regular state reports on property markets, market indicators and how they compare to longer term trends

CBA Weekly Economic Perspective

A round up of loca and overseas data with lots of charts

ANZ Australian Property Outlook

A half-yearly publication examining trends and fundementals in both residential and commercial property markets.

Construction Forecasting Council

Run by the Australian Construction Industry Forum (ACIF) the site has detailed forecast for residential and non residential building and engineering construction updated twice a year supported by project listings and sensitivity analysis.

Mortgage index reports

AFG (Australian Financial Group) provides a report on mortgages sold, mortgage size in dollars, loan to value ratios and loan types allocated by state on a monthly basis.

General Economic Indicators in Australia

St George Bank

This report has a good monthly economic outlook, which usually covers housing, consturction,  and interest rate outlook.

Residential market research

A great up and coming website that is extremely useful for up to date property sales, listings and finding real estate agents in your desired area.

So there you have some great resources the experts use to conduct their research and form their predictions. Hope these help you when making property investment decisions.