We are independent property valuers and advisors

Welcome to our website! We are the leaders in property valuation and advisory services and our reports can potentially save you thousands of dollars, like we continue to do on a daily basis for our valued clients. We offer expert opinion for a wide range of real estate related purposes that can legally be relied upon and give you the advantage and confidence in your property decision. We don’t sell property and are not real estate agents. We are property valuers and advisors offering professional property services at an agreed fee to you, therefore you can be confident that the advice we provide it completely independent and unbiased.

Why use our services?

  • Our reports give you CONFIDENCE in property-decisions
  • Our reports can potentially SAVE YOU MONEY
  • Our reports are FAST, CHEAP and often TAX DEDUCTIBLE

Our property valuers and advisors

Our valuers are fully registered associate members of the Australian Property Institute (API) and are certified practicing valuers (CPV’s). This Simply means they have undergone all the rigorous training and work experience requirements set by the Australian property institute (API) and are currently advising clients on a day-to-day basis.  This commitment to excellence insures our clients are receiving only the best advice. These days there is abundance on information freely available on the web. Unfortunately more and more people are doing their own research and resort to making life-changing decisions without seeking the proper professional advice. This can often lead to avoidable mistakes and costing the individual more money in the long run for the sack of a small valuation fee. Professional interpretation and opinion on market data is now available, affordable and should be used prior to all major property decisions.

Our valuation reports

PVG valuers offer a range of property valuation reports for vast array of purposes. Our range of valuation reports will meet your requirements for stamp duty, capital gains tax, family law and market valuation purposes. We have property consultants that specialise in residential, retail, commercial and industrial real estate throughout Sydney and are rapidly growing our coverage. Our reports are done in accordance and within the guidelines of the Australian property institute.

Market valuations

Stamp duty valuations

  • Reports for stamp duty purposes that are office of state revenue (OSR) compliant.

Capital gains tax valuations

  • For non-resident CGT (new changes that took affect at May 2012)
  • reports for capital gains tax purposes, both current and historical options available.

Family law valuations

  • reports for marital dispute purposes.

Probate valuations

  • reports for deceased estates and beneficiaries.