Stamp duty property valuation

If you require a stamp duty valuation for your property then you have come to the right place. On this page you can find out everything you need to know should you require a valuation for stamp duty purposes.

Everything you need to know about stamp duty valuations

Do you require an urgent stamp duty valuation report?

We offer stamp duty valuation reports at affordable prices with fast turnaround times.  Our valuations are conducted by experienced valuers who have access to most current market data to derive the most accurate valuation for stamp duty purposes.

What exactly is a stamp duty valuation report?

Stamp duty is the name of the tax payable upon transfer of ownership of an asset between two or more parties. A stamp duty valuation is required when transferring ownership between related parties or where property is being transferred into a superannuation fund or various other trusts and legal entities. The stamp duty tax is then payable based on the valuation report provided by a registered valuer. Often a property is sold between related parties and is significantly below market value in which case you will need to have a stamp duty valuation to determine market value. Stamp duty valuation reports contain information on the physical attributes of the property, current market sales evidence and professional interpretation and valuation rationale.

Why do I need a Stamp Duty Valuation and is it compulsory?

When there is a transfer of ownership in a property the office of state revenue requires a stamp valuation report, which must be conducted by a registered property valuer. The amount of stamp duty tax you pay  depends on which state the property is located in and the valuation amount reported by the valuer. More information on stamp duty tax in your particular state is provided through the following links:

Why choose us for your stamp duty valuation?

Stamp duty is an expensive tax! Therefore an accurate valuation is paramount to make sure you do not pay more tax than you need to. We conduct stamp duty valuations for a host of clients including solicitors, conveyancers and company and trust entities.  Be weary of valuers who offer cheap stamp duty reports. Often these valuers do not carry the proper professional indemnity insurance and do not have access to the proper property resources to research the market for the most comparable sales. This can lead to a high valuation and will cost you more in stamp duty tax. Our valuers are experienced in providing stamp duty valuations for the office of state revenue and have access to the proper property research databases so we can find the most relevant market sales for stamp duty purposes and have all the necessary details to form a professional and accurate opinion.

About our valuers

All our valuers are registered in the state they practice, are associate members of the Australian Property Institute and are certified practicing valuers. This basically means that our valuers have undergone all the rigorous tertiary education and work experience requirements to achieve the above mentioned status. You can be confident that our valuers adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards and produce quality valuations.

How much does a stamp duty valuation report cost?

Every property is unique and the valuation fee is determined by what the property is, where it is and the degree of risk involved with the job. You request a quote by clicking the link on the right centre of this webpage.

How long does the valuation process take?

We operate on a 48 hour turnaround time for the stamp duty residential (short form) jobs, however for urgent matters we can deliver the report within this time frame.

I require a stamp duty valuation, what’s next?

Click on the link to register your details and request a quote or book a valuation. One of our friendly staff will be in contact with you to provide a quote or arrange a suitable inspection time for a valuer to inspect your property.