Property valuation reports

If you require a valuation report for your property then you have come to the right place. PVG valuers offer valuation reports at affordable prices with quick report delivery times.  Our valuations are conducted by experienced certified valuers who have access to the most current market data to derive the most accurate valuation.

What are property valuation reports?

A property valuation report is a detailed document compiled by a registered valuer which is a snapshot of a property’s value at a particular point in time. The report serves as a legal document that can be relied upon by the requesting party for a range of purposes.

When do I need a valuation report?

The main reasons why individuals require valuation reports are for taxation, insurance, consultancy and family law purposes.

Why choose us for your property valuation needs?

An accurate valuation is crucial to make sure you do not make costly mistakes. We conduct valuations daily for a host of clients including individual investors, company and trust entities.  Our valuers are experienced in providing valuations and have access to the best property research databases, so we can find the most relevant market sales for your purposes. Our valuers are experts in their markets of operation.

How much does a valuation report cost?

Every property is unique and the valuation fee is determined by what the property is, where it is and the degree of risk involved with the each job. You can obtain an online quote by filling out the valuation request form. Simply fill in all the information and you will be provided with a fee quote within 24hours.

I require a valuation report, what’s next?

Click on the appropriate link  located center-right of this web page to fill in an inquiry form. We will contact you within 24 hours with a fee quote and proceed to book an inspection appointment time if required. After inspection, the report will be completed within agreed delivery time. All fees are payable prior to release of the valuation report.  Upon receipt of payment the report will be delivered via post and/or email. Once completed, you can then use this report to file away for future capital gains tax requirements or use immediately.